GIN! (ฅ́˘ฅ̀)

𓃠 19, capricorn, bisexual, she/they, intj, fem! presenting, a whoreable slut in theory, a rude bitch in practice.

YAY!!! kenma jean suga & mitsuya ♡ bokuto!!! daichi!!! asahi!!! kuroo!!! armin!!! draken!!! megumi!!! gojo!!! nanami <3 !!! bb yuji!!! baji!!! chifuyu!!! kazutora!!! (i am a tora apologist) ˖ ࣪ chapstick, dilfs, pretty (boy) waists, hands, socks + socks with dogs on them, mint ice cream, matcha tea, BOBA TEA, cats <3, and lady gaga.

EW!!! trump supporters, republican christians, white suprematists, country music, racist/sexist/homophobes, texas, pro lifers, spiders & every bug on this entire planet, yellow, the weather above 70 degrees (F), pick me’s, men.

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BYF… ◡̈ i post nsfw content on my tumblr, most of my works are for mature audiences, i text in spams (pls just love me and text me back <3) i don’t tolerate rude comments or hated towards someone just because of their preferred pronouns or their gender, or their skin color or their culture. take your prideful ass off my account and go suck a dick <3, i’m in my anime hyper fixation rn so pls talk to me about anime i will literally fall in love with you. if you are a fictional character literally hit me up rn.

love talk, until i found you, dr4co, glimpse of us, betty (get money), vegas, angel of small death and the codeine scene, work song, supermodel, crazy for you, no hands, rompe, separate ways (worlds apart), rock you like a hurricane, running up that hill.


DFI… ◡̈ you harass people, joke about trigger worthy topics, are a minor (unless we are friends and i like you—not in a creepy weird way.), if you’ve hurt/ have been rude to any of my mutuals, if you expect me to live up to your standards, if you aren’t kind (don’t be an ass please and thank you), if you support trump, or anyone in the republican party or if you were happy about roe v wade being overturned literally fuck you. and if you think the princess bride was a good movie—eat my ass (/j).

ANIMANGAS 🍡 aot, tokyo revengers, haikyuu, jujutsu kaisen, chainsaw man, spyxfamily, horimiya, demon slayer, devilman crybaby, free, death note +++

LASTLY / OTHER NOTES: i’ve been known to just disappear for a while, so don’t be alarmed if i’m off of my socials for a couple days. i try my best to stay active because i love my online persona and i actually feel like i can be myself, but i am a broke ass college student and i have shit i’ve got to do if i want to make it in this world. another day another slay. i want to also state that if you follow me and i don’t follow back, please don’t feel like i’m being rude or anything and don’t feel obligated to continue following me—i’ve just come to the point where i just want to follow my mutuals and the people i talk to on a day to day basis. (i plan to do an unfollowing spree sometime in the near future). ALSO i feel like i say this a lot: but, you damn mother fucking ghost readers if you don’t cut your shit out, i might actual go insane. is it too much to ask for you to vote or comment your thoughts? one comment could suffice—we write these stories without getting any profit so the best you could do is offer up some words of affirmation, encouragement, and even some constrictive criticism. n e wayssss i’m rambling like a madwoman, but i love you all with my entire heart and enjoy your stay at gin’s domain of attractiveness.